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Peak Flow Meters for Children

Your child's healthcare provider may recommend a peak flow meter, a device that you can use at home to monitor your child's asthma and measure how well air is moving through his or her airways. Follow your healthcare provider's instructions about how and when to use the peak flow meter.

A peak flow meter may help you and your healthcare provider determine:

  • The severity of your child’s asthma
  • Your child's response to treatment
  • Whether your child’s Asthma Action Plan needs to be adjusted
  • Whether your child needs emergency treatment

Based on the Asthma Action Plan developed with your child's healthcare provider, you can use the peak flow readings to help determine your child's current asthma zone (green, yellow, or red) and what you should do.

The Childhood Asthma Control Test*, for children 4-11 years of age, and the Asthma Control Test™, for children 12 years or older, are important ways to assess how well your child’s asthma symptoms are controlled.

Asthma Control Test is a trademark of QualityMetric Incorporated.
*The Childhood Asthma Control Test was developed by GSK.