Illness and Asthma

If you have asthma, respiratory infections like a cold or flu can amplify your symptoms greatly by increasing the inflammation in your airways. Understanding the risks and knowing the facts can help you prepare.

Learn About Illness Triggers

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Here for Every Breath

Asthma is a chronic, or long-term, disease that inflames and narrows your lungs’ airways, making breathing difficult. It causes a variety of symptoms that can interfere with your daily life and worsen at any time. But, with the right management and precautions, you and your doctor can work together to help control your asthma.

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Understanding Asthma


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Managing My Asthma


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Treating My Asthma


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Could You Have Severe Asthma?

Severe persistent asthma affects roughly 5-10% of all asthma sufferers and can have a significant impact on daily life. Learn more about severe asthma to get started on the path to better control.

What Is Severe Asthma?

Learn About Common Asthma Triggers

Asthma symptoms can be triggered in response to a variety of allergic and nonallergic triggers. Here are some of the most common triggers encountered in everyday life.

Live Well With Asthma

We’re here for every breath. Learn more about how to manage your asthma at home, school, or work.
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Tips for Managing Asthma at Work

Find out how to better manage your symptoms at the office—or wherever your job takes you.

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Tips for Managing Asthma at Home

Learn more about ways to manage asthma triggers at home.

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Tips for Managing Asthma at School

Learn more about how to help your child manage their asthma while away from home.

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