Live Well With Asthma

We’re here for every breath. Learn more about how to manage your asthma at home, school, and/or work and access a number of helpful articles and information about asthma management.

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Managing Asthma at Home

When it comes to making your home a haven for asthma control, it all starts with being prepared, identifying triggers, and thinking proactively. Get tips on what you can do at home to help reduce the chances of asthma symptoms flaring up.

Tips for Home

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Managing Asthma at School

If you have a child with asthma, it can be tough knowing you may not always be there to help when their asthma symptoms get worse. Get tips on how to help your child manage their asthma while away from home.

Tips for School

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Managing Asthma at Work

Managing asthma at work can feel particularly challenging because––unlike at home––you may have less control of your environment and the people around you.

Tips for Work

Articles for Living Well With Asthma

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Natural Ways to Relieve Asthma Symptoms

While some natural methods can be considered as part of an overall management plan, they cannot replace conventional asthma treatments. Talk to your doctor about what else you may be able to do to better manage your asthma.

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