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Talking About Asthma

Many people with asthma don’t fully understand how their disease can affect relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. While it's not always an easy subject to bring up, it's important that those close to you understand your condition.

Here are some tips on talking to friends, family, and co-workers about asthma:

While you may not want to make a big deal about your asthma, it's important that your family, friends, and co-workers understand the disease and how it can impact your life. The more everyone around you knows, the more helpful and supportive they can be.

Everyone close to you should understand that asthma can be life threatening, and they should know what to do if your asthma symptoms worsen. Keep your quick-relief inhaler at home and at work in a place where people can easily find it. It's also a good idea to share your Asthma Action Plan with friends, family, and co-workers so they know exactly what to do if you have an asthma attack.

Do you avoid visiting the homes of friends and family due to the presence of pets, cigarette smoke, or other common asthma triggers? It's important that those close to you understand how certain substances can trigger your asthma.

Keeping your friends and family informed about your asthma symptoms is a good idea. It is also normal to need help identifying and avoiding your asthma triggers. Talk to your family or friends about your triggers and the best ways to help you avoid them.